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Phone no: +40 21 402 9950
Fax no: +40 21 317 1175
Address: Str. Splaiul Independenţei
 no. 313, Rectorat Building,
 Floor 5, Room 507
 RO – 060042, Sector 6


About the Project


ARNIEC agency is administrator and developer of RoEduNet network, which has been initiated, developed and supported by the largest universities in Romania since 1991. It provides data communication services for research and academic institutions of all levels in Romania. The most important nodes of RoEduNet are hosted by: Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the University of Timisoara, the University of Craiova, Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures and the Dunărea de Jos University of Galaţi.


In accordance with the conclusions of the European Council from Lisbon, education and training are decisive for society's development, in order to make the European Union the most competitive and dynamic community and "knowledge-based-economy" in the world. Meetings of heads of states and governments within the context of the European Councils from Lisbon (2000), Stockholm (2001) and Barcelona (2002) confirmed the role and importance of education and training and they set priorities for concerted actions at European level.

Project's objectives

The objective of the project “Increase in the quality of Romanian pre-university education by personnel's professional training in using educational management applications - MANAGEDU” is training and skill development of the staff in the Romanian pre-university education system to effectively use educational management applications.

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